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Flu Fighting Secrets - How Well Does the Flu Vaccine Work?

Featuring Dr. Mayer Eisenstein

Dr. Mayer EisensteinWe’re talking about the Flu and helping you create your flu survival kit.

Of course, we’re exploring the pros and cons of vaccines, along with alternative therapies.

This is your chance to talk to the expert and learn how to avoid getting sick, this year and every year.

Dr. Mayer Eisenstein is an MD, JD, MPH, and he’s a graduate of the University of Illinois Medical School and the Medical College of Wisconsin School of Public Health and a graduate of John Marshall Law School. He’s an attorney, so I’m a little bit scared about this conversation.

“Reports of influenza-like-illness are nearing what have been peak levels during moderately severe seasons.”

Influenza vaccination is recommended for everyone 6 months of age and older and anyone who has not already been vaccinated should do so now. It’s important to remember that people who have severe influenza illness, or who are at high risk of serious influenza-related complications, should get treated with influenza antiviral medication if they get flu symptoms regardless of whether or not they got vaccinated.

Should You Get the Flu Vaccine? What You Need to Know

Here are a few of the questions we’ll discuss:

  • How effective is the flu vaccine?
  • Is the flu vaccine effective against all types of flu and cold viruses?
  • Does the flu vaccine work the same for everyone?
  • How effective is the flu vaccine in the elderly and children?
  • What do recent vaccine effectiveness studies show?
  • Where can I get more information?
  • Besides vaccination, how can people protect themselves against the flu?

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